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Image must be a 300 dpi high resolution file at 300px x 300px and must be a PNG or JPG file. NO TRADEMARKS OR COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL You may only submit images that you have the right to use or belongs to you. Do not submit logos, photography, art or others images of celebrities. Your image can not be insulting, abusive, inciting violence, threatening, intimidating, obscene, inflammatory, sexually explicit, profane, offensive, harassing, derogatory, degrading, defamatory, harmful, discriminatory or unlawful or invasive of another’s privacy. Total Access Group, Inc. reserves the right to reject any custom job. File too large {{picFile.size / 1000000|number:1}}MB: max 2MB
File too small {{myFile.size / 1000000|number:1}}MB: min 90KB
File width too large : Max Width 300px
File height too large : Max Height 300px
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